Most of our content is located on the DLS

Teddyberlin: 329138 / Alcaron: 302662 / Devil_Industries: 218873


Maps on the DLS

Zittauer narrow-gauge railway
- Bertsdorf

TS12, T:ane & TRS19

Station Bertsdorf in winter

  • station-bertsdorf

  • Kuid: 329138:100173

Lime plant Rübeland

TS12, T:ane & TRS19

Module to fit into other routes.

  • Ruebeland

  • Kuid2:329138:100027:2

Module: Concrete plant

TS12, T:ane & TRS19

Module to fit into other routes.
In the style of 1970s of East Germany.

  • Concrete plant

  • Kuid:329138:100151

Module: El-Ferdan-Bridge

T:ane & TRS19

Bridge over Suez Canal in Egypt

Castles and Fortresses

TS12, T:ane & TRS19

Small map of fantasy, with horse and carriage, in the days before the railway revolution began.

  • Castles and Fortresses

  • Route: kuid:329138:1127
    Session: kuid:329138:1128

Military base

TRS2004 / TRS2006 SP1

  • Military base

  • Kuid:329138:1117

Robe River 2012

TS12, T:ane & TRS19

A railroad line more than 200 kilometers long.

  • Robe River (Solo)

  • Route: kuid2:302662:100011:9
    Session: kuid2:302662:100012:9

  • more info

Nuclear power plant with
Castor interim storage

TRS2004 / TRS2006 SP1

Module to fit into other routes.

  • Nuclear power plant

  • kuid:329138:1141

Routes on the DLS with ext. content

1860-1865 Civil War America

T:ane & TRS19

Battle of the Rio Grande,
on May 13, 1865.

Module: The Village

T:ane & TRS19

Module to fit into other routes.

Module: Amusement Park

T:ane & TRS19

Modul - Amusement park with station

  • Modul_Amusement_Park

  • Route: kuid:329138:100112
    Session: kuid:329138:100114
    Download: ext. Content

Module: Lime mining


Module for connection to Rübeland Lime plant
(Kalkwerk Rübeland)

Maps - History

WWII - The March

TS12 & T:ane

WWII - Tank battlefield

TS12 & T:ane

Module to fit into other routes.

WWII - Destruction

TS12 & T:ane

  • www2-Destruction

  • Route: kuid:329138:1013
    Session: kuid:329138:1013

  • more info

Multiplayer maps on the DLS

The multiplayer allows you to interact with friends and other Trainz users all over the world, to cooperate, to measure as a part of a well-oiled machine and to run a huge rail network.

The Borkenland

TS12 & T:ane
  • borkenland

  • Route: kuid2:329138:100098:7
    Session (Multi): kuid2:329138:100012:4
    Session: kuid2:329138:100098:7

Robe River 2012 (Multiplayer)

TS12 SP1, T:ane & TRS19
  • robe_river

  • Route: kuid2:302662:100015:9
    Session: kuid2:302662:100016:9

  • more info



Additional content which is not on the DLS:



Routes (not DLS)

France 1930

TS12 & T:ane

Coal and underground mining

  • module_coal

  • Route: kuid2:329138:100245:4
    Session: kuid2:329138:100246:4
    Session: kuid2:329138:100247:4
    Session: kuid2:329138:100248:4

    mehr Infos