Coal and underground mining

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Coal and underground mining

A small module showcasing a set of content designed for representing underground mining scenes and particularly the underground transport of coal and other ores plus mining equipment and personnel. It includes mining locomotives and rolling stock plus a range of infrastructure such as tunnel splines, tracks, switch indicators and signage plus portals and mine worker figures. Above ground equipment includes a classic elevator and some road transport vehicles.

In a very unusual application of Trainz, the majority of the route's activity takes place below ground level. This poses various challenges to which it's creators have devised some novel solutions.

Railway vehicles include:

- Deutz GG 90 B (2 Versions),
- SIG-Locomotive B12LX-Ensdorf (2 Versions),
- Hunt (3 Versions),
- Flat lore (3 Versions),
- Lore with cable roll,
- Tilt lore,
- Lore with stakes,
- Lore for TNT,
- Lore with tank,
- Personal lore (5 different versions)

With bonus content and other accessories in the package.

*The wagons can be loaded with different products.

21.50 Euro

(The images were created with different light settings...)