Mechanical Refrigerator (Reefer)
package 2

spfe amtrak armn

Mechanical Refrigerator (Reefer)
package 2

A refrigerator car (or "reefer") is a refrigerated boxcar (U.S.), a piece of railroad rolling stock designed to carry perishable freight at specific temperatures. Refrigerator cars differ from simple insulated boxcars and ventilated boxcars (commonly used for transporting fruit), neither of which are fitted with cooling apparatus. Reefers can be ice-cooled, come equipped with any one of a variety of mechanical refrigeration systems, or utilize carbon dioxide (either as dry ice, or in liquid form) as a cooling agent.

Mechanical Refrigerator (Reefer) package 2 includes cars from the following railroads:

AMTK (Amtrak),
ARMN (Union Pacific Railroad Co.),
BNFE (Burlington Northern Railroad),
Chilled Express,
SPFE (Pacific Fruit Express).

Each reefer has various products and textures, animation, running numbers, and sound.

7.50 Euro